It’s one thing to look at lighting options in a catalog or online. But nothing can replace being able to see your options in action in a physical space. PSi LED is not just a lighting contractor. We are a lighting retailer with a full showroom so that you can choose your lighting solutions in person. Our lighting showroom allows you to browse your options before making such an important design decision.

Why Choose PSi LED?

PSi LED differentiates itself in two important ways:

  1. We work directly with the LED manufacturer, which helps us give you the best quality product at the best price possible.
  2. We work side by side with your lighting engineer, which allows us to make accommodations for each specific job.

PSi LED also works directly with the general contractor, architect, and electrician, making most, if not all, of our work in-house. We are locally based in Spartanburg and Anderson, SC.

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Lighting the path to saving you money.

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